Медиа планирование рекламы

What's A Meditation In Advertising

The selection of optimum dissemination channels shall be based on:
  • Promotional objectives
  • Medicine performance indicators
Internet relay is our key competence

The most predicted results are Internet relam. We can calculate the estimated number of visitors that will come to your site, thanks to the internet relay and the budget that will be required. Context and trade advertisements are the most flexible tools that allow budget and construction to be adjusted in advertising. Medium advertisements increase brand recognition and can have a strong image.

Advertisements on all mediators

We are also deploying ads to other mediators: TV, radio, press, External advertising et al. Special working conditions with our partners allow us not to include an agency commission at the cost of accommodation.

Why are we comfortable?
  • You. save time for communication and contracts with many contractors, work only with us, and pay as much as you pay directly.
  • We are. Control the production and timely provision of publicity materials for accommodation, conduct all necessary harmonization and report on the publicity campaign.
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