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The Role Of Media Planning In Advertising

scientific work on the theme " The role of media planning in enhancing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns " . Scientific article on economic science

DC 339.138
And. B. Military, I. A. Subac
Meditation - optimum process Media advertisementswhich is a stage in the preparation of publicity campaigns. Without the right choice of advertisers, it is not possible to have an active impact on demand, but to succeed in competition for markets. The lack of awareness among decision makers of the importance of media planning and the need for media research has been associated with many publicity campaigns.
Participating in the planning and analysis of the advertising campaigns of a number of firms, Magnitogoraska, has enabled us to draw some conclusions and highlight the challenges that need to be encountered in the development of the media plan.
The first problem is the noise of a copper. Ishdah called the copper clatter. It is measured as the average number of advertisements that see or hear the average housewife a week. It should be noted that, by the level of noise, Russia is second to Turkey. In Magnitogors, this indicator, too, has become more difficult for Planers to choose copper because advertising in them reduces the level of consumer attention that may simply not notice their announcement.
Another problem faced by the media planners is the growing diversity of the media. On the one hand, this helps to select the most suitable advertisers, on the other hand, decisions have to be made in the absence of an indication as to how many people see advertising. Medicines are generally conducted in traditional media such as radio, television and the press. They may, however, be inaccessible because of their high cost, not always suitable for the local market and raise doubts about their reliability. However, they provide an opportunity to justify decisions. When selecting non-traditional media, specialists only have to build
Implications of the coverage of the target audience, the media will provide them.
Another challenge is the lack of time to develop a qualitative media plan. There is competition between advertisers for the place where the advertisement is located. Since, for example, there is a lack of advertising space on television, there is a need to book a good place in advance. If the manager didn't make it, he'd have to accept another less rating program.
The practice has shown that the media planner is limited in the freedom to choose an advertiser for another reason. He's a client. ♪ ♪

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