Производство наружной рекламы

Printing Campaign Media

Размещение рекламы в СМИATL is a direct commercial in traditional media. All costs related to the design, production and posting of such advertisements fall within the ATL area.

Traditional media include television, radio, print media, outdoor advertising (outdoor), transport advertising, Internet advertising, cinema advertisements.

The life of any brand starts with a marketing strategy, strategic planning and brand architecture. This is the necessary basis for communication with the consumer. Otherwise, there's a high probability that an advertisement will not contribute to the development of your business, and you'll waste the advertising budget.

Working for your business is very simple, you have to do everything in a consistent manner and work with experienced people.
We are prepared to provide you with our knowledge and experience in the brending, from the design of the name and packaging to the analysis of the effectiveness of the campaign. Between these phases, great work is done, and we are proud of the clients that have the opportunity to do this together, with each of our own. It's the only way that effective marketing communications are born.

We only work with rating media! (TV 5 ratings, radio press)

What is our job?

Strategic planning (market analysis, brand positioning, brand architecture, communication strategy)

Creative development (name brand, corporate style, creative concepts, packaging design, design and print version, text writing)

Strategic media planning (media strategy, media planning, budgeting, performance forecast)

Media accommodation (displacement and control, post-campane analysis)

Advertisement (TV, radio, print advertising, Internet sites, displays and external advertising, souvenir products, etc.)

Analysis efficiency of advertising activities

We're doing a full range of ATL services!



Phase 1: Development of several ideas for advertising. Development of variants based on differential and positioning of brand.

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