Медиапланирование Интернет и

Internet Advertising

Mediaplaners (media) - media, and "planner" - planner, designer) are mostly working in advertising agencies because their activities are directly linked to advertising campaigns and projects. There are such specialists in big firms.

Media planners determine which medicinals (TBs, radio stations, magazines, Internet sites, etc.) are most appropriate for the marketing of brands or client products. The task of the media planner is to ensure that the client (company, brand, product) is able to maximize the impact of his advertising campaign.

Media planners specializing in digital or internet-based medioplaners should be singled out, as the Internet provides a range of tools to promote goods and plan advertising campaigns. Banner advertising, partnership mailings, internet advertising tools contextual advertising etc.

Mediaplaner assesses the effectiveness of advertising in a media, including the Internet. Its decisions are based on the results of sociologic and marketing studies. Also on the information that the media provide him is a specialist in advertising. He's particularly interested in ratings.

By choosing a place to advertise his client, the media planer is a media plan in such a way that the advertising budget is spent rationally. It further assesses the impact of its planned campaign.

Media planners combine creative thinking and actual analysis to develop an appropriate advertising strategy that reaches the audience that the advertiser needs and has done so most effectively. Efficiency changes in both direct increases in sales and in indirect indicators: the volume of the audience that has seen the advertisement, the frequency of the examinations, the increased recognition of the product.

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