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Advertising Medical

Medical planning is a key element of modern advertising, as the cost of space and time is the most important part of the advertising budget.

Mediation identifies ways to use time and space to achieve marketing objectives. One such goal is the adverting to the target audience. Advertising media is one way to deliver advertising to the recipient. The combination of commercial delivery means is called media. The advertiser is a specific program, magazine or radio station. Since all these terms are of special importance, people in the advertising industry usually use the term copper in all cases. The decision to select the media for a specific advertising campaign is based on quantitative and qualitative criteria [13, c. 168].

Quantitative criteria for estimating the ability of a media are indicators that reflect the characteristics of the media itself. They allow for the development of core indicators in media planning (attention/frequency of advertising). The quantitative criteria may be as follows.

1. For television, radio, the quantitative characteristics of the canal audience, transmissions, possible frequency of contact with advertising, and the popularity of the channel.

2. For the press, printing of publications; number of publications distributed in the dispensary, reprinting rates; accumulation (to determine the number of people watching a publication); periodicity of publication; size of advertising modules.

3. For external advertising, the number of commercial designs identified for advertising.

Quality criteria:

1. Probability of perceptions of an advertisement that is higher for video-recommendation and lower when it comes to Outdoor advertising

2. The life of the advertising service during which it may be received.

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