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In Connecticut and the classmates entered the tenth largest social media in the world.

Russian resources on the Connect and the Grades in May 2013 entered the tenth largest social media in the world. On the Internet, the ninth line of ratings, according to comScore, visited 79, 4 million users in May. Some classmates have 10 positions, 65 and 4 million users. Leader of ratings with ...

The country ' s main bloggers counted

The efficiency of the Russian bloggers in their own experience has decided to check the Ingate advertising agency. His Director of Marketing, Julia Antonov, arranged for the posting of the VA at Artemia Lebedeva, Sergey Doli, Anton Nosik, Ilya Varlamov and Igor Bigdan. In the year, the cost of bloggers was almost 3, 7 million roubles, but they helped the agency conclude contracts with ...


A further XXVII wave of regular media research by Media Mix-Saratov was completed. Under this project, Kom Sar identifies the city ' s media outlets (television, radio and press), collects information on the use of the Internet, the presence of a vehicle, the attendance of shopping centres, etc.

The results of the study are available from 2 April 2013. Detailed information on the media market can be obtained through printed reports or specialized software, DataFriend Light.

British newspaper revenues from advertising will decrease by 400 million pounds

The income of British printed newspapers from advertising will be reduced by 400 million pounds by the end of 2014. Nearly 400 million pounds of printed advertising are projected to lose the British newspaper market by the end of 2014, with only about 25 per cent of this decline, according to the new Group of M...

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