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Advertising Media

Medical (media planning) - Development of media plans (invoice schedules), planning of advertising campaigns based on the selection of mediators (TVs, press, radio, external advertising, Internet) for the delivery of advertising, and optimizing coverage, cost and other characteristics.

Strategic media planning is part of marketing that ensures contact of target audiences with advertisements. The two main tasks of marketing communications are the creation of efficient advertising and its delivery to potential buyers. Contact is the first step of advertising if the buyer didn't see the advertisement, all the creative work was in vain. Medical planning ensures this commercial contact, i.e., that advertisements are caught in the eye/ears of a potential buyer.

Medical planning includes:

  • Definition of priority media categories;
  • Determining the best value of performance indicators (TRP, Coverage, Frequency, etc.);
  • Publicity planning Time campaign
  • - Budget distribution by media category.


Media research is the basis for media planning. Research results in the identification of the indicators needed for optimum advertising planning, especially the rating of individual advertisers in the general public and in the target audience. The plan results:

  • GRP - gross rating points - summary rating, shows the total number of contacts with advertising, it is the rating number.
  • TRP - target rating points - amount of advertising campaign ratings in target audiences, that is, GRP in target audience.
  • Coverage - coverage or coverage - total number of people reached in advertising
  • Frequency - average number of contacts with advertising per target audience
  • Index T/U - Conformity Index
  • CPT = cost per thousand contacts
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