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Strategic Advertising Planning

The whole thing is made up of parts, but it's never going to be intact if each part doesn't take its place. Strategic planning is involved in the collection of selected components of the whole publicity campaign. Seven Media Group planners have extensive experience with integrated communication strategies.

How do we do that?

The Seven Media Group Agency, with full knowledge of the market not only of the client, but also of the advertising market, is able to find the best way to meet client ' s challenges.
  • Based on the client's business objectives, we're setting marketing targets. To this end, it is necessary to collect as much information as possible on the market, conduct consumer research, identify market niches and areas where our business can develop. As a result, we get marketing targets. In other words, we describe the objectives and objectives of your company in a clear language of figures.
  • Based on marketing objectives communication objectives and objectives are being developed. That is, who is identified and how communication is needed to address customer marketing.
  • The media targets will be set and their best solutions are found. A detailed communication plan is being established. Media planning and budget optimization through communication.

What do you get in the end?

Common communication strategy
  • Market analyst
  • A creative concept, that is the answer to the question: and We'll talk to the target audience.
  • Mediai.e. the answer to the question: what channels of communication are best in this case.
  • Communication forecasti.e. the answer to the question: what are we planning to achieve by the end of the campaign?
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