планирования рекламной

Publicity Planning Strategy

Location and TRC Volge required Marquetologist
♪ Participation in the development of the company ' s strategy;
♪ Preparation of reports and presentation to management;
♪ Planning and marketing (organization, Internet promotions, PRactivity);
♪ Development and monitoring of the marketing budget;
Analysis of the effectiveness of marketing shares held;
♪ Corporate website management;
♪ Development promotional content Banners;
♪ Search for new promotion sites;
♪ Promotional materials;
♪ Work with contractors (fair and creative agencies);
♪ Preparation of monthly market surveys;
● Monitoring and analysis of the competitive environment.
♪ Higher education;
♪ At least 3 years of experience.
♪ Work 5/2
♪ Wages up to 25,000 roubles.
Telephone 9 Sergei Vladimirich.
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