Вид 2 / Медиа планирование

Medicare Planning

The training provides theoretical and practical training on computer-based media planning. The training consists of two modules.

The first module examines the programme " Plan Media " (Proba Media) of the GORTIS research firm.

The second module examines approaches to the media planning of TNS.

The programme has 24 academic hours of auditing and 48 hours of self-employed teaching. At the end, the trainees receive a certificate from the GORTIS research firm on the implementation of the Plan Media programme in meditation and marketing studies.

The occupations are performed: c.e.n., docent; c.e.n., assistant Tion Dmitri Vladimiric.

The listeners receive a book: Climin A.I. Mediaplanation by their own means. Prepared marketing decisions (+ CD). - SPB: Peter, 2007. - 192 s. " with software and theoretical materials.

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