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Marketing Planning

Организация рекламной кампании под ключ

What's a key marketing?

This is the most perfect and powerful way to date to attract buyers and their money into your business.

The advertising campaign, where the marketing planning and advertising system is key-tracked, from the buyer's first contact with your brand to the end result.

What's the big secret?


Yeah, you can create a great and demanding idea on the market, but without investing in advertising, it's not gonna make much sense.

Yeah, you can spend thousands of dollars a day on context commercials and sit around without calls, because a business target uses a completely different logic of finding goods or services.

What's our advertising plan?

Analysts. The preparatory phase is marketing audit, company research, product and services.

Strategy planning. On the basis of a marketing audit, we plan what should be. And not just now, but also like, where, when, why and why.

Implementing the strategy. Use of practical tools - brand building, text writing, keyword selection, literate mediation, contact with permanent and potential clients.

Advertising company efficiency depends on many factors: content, form of communication, modes of distribution, number of publications or broadcasts. The best results are comprehensive measures. Qualitative advertising, beneficial location, required frequency of publications or broadcasts ensure successful advertising.

Reclam must hear or see, draw attention to it, assess, remember, re-establish in a while, compare with other services, goods, make a decision to purchase or use services.

The campaign includes its design, conduct, performance analysis, evaluation of the campaign, its correction.

During the advertising campaign, it is necessary to:

- decide what and who needs to be informed,
- decide how best to do it,
- to say what was planned,
- to assess the impact of all the words.

Advertising companies have different objectives: placing new goods on the market, creating images, a product reminder and others.

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