Планирование рекламной

Advertising Company Planning Stages

• Determine the purpose of the advertising campaign;

Identify and examine the target audience selected for advertising;

• Develop a campaign budget;

• Establish advertising;

• Identify means by which publicity will be disseminated;

∙ Develop a schedule for advertising;

• Develop a media plan for advertising;

• Assessment Effectiveness of advertising campaign.

We're covering the staged publicity campaign.

Determining the objectives of the advertising campaign - The necessary stage of campaign development. Only a good organization of the process, with a clearly defined objective, can ensure the effectiveness of the planned advertising campaign. A clear and clear definition of the purpose of advertising is essential to the success of its creation and operation. In turn, setting the target is the result of a serious analysis and consideration of the impact of many factors. The choice of the most relevant factor in a given situation contributes to the correct definition of the purpose of the intended advertising.

The purpose of advertising is to be determined precisely, and sometimes even quantified. Let us give examples of objectives:

∙ The creation of a brand and a favourable emotional predisposition to the mark;

:: Introduction of information on the benefits and benefits of the product;

:: Upgrading to 40 per cent (from 25 per cent) of women ' s grades from 20 to 30 years;

• The creation of a company image;

∙ Correction of the transformative perception of the enterprise and the establishment of a good attitude towards it;

∙ Accommodation of the organization ' s reputation for further marketing of a new product.

Among the objectives of the advertising campaign are the following.

1. Objection. They are supplied if it is necessary to market information (on the company, its goods or services, programmes and...

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