Планирование рекламной

Advertising Company Planning

Планирование рекламной кампанииYou're here:

You need to inform the target about the new product, develop a good attitude towards your product, create demand or support distributors... It's all in advertising. It's important to plan it properly!

The advertising campaign is a systematic and, generally, long-term advertising effect on target audiences to achieve certain goals.

is a long and complex process. Two key players, an advertising agency and an advertiser, are usually involved in advertising planning. Direct contact is made between the manager of the advertising agency (clients) and the advertising manager (marketing) of the customer. Negotiators, particularly at the signing stage, of the parties ' organizations or services, are involved, as appropriate. During the publicity planning process, creativity staff (designers and copyers headed by a creativity director) and a media officer are engaged.Разработка рекламной кампании In addition, specialists (media, external advertising, TV and radio, BTL, etc.) and advertising professionals are included in the work. external advertisingpolygraphists, etc. Don't get involved in the preparation of a media plan without research companies and promotion representatives.

Development of an advertising campaign

As a result of these groups ' interactions, a publicity campaign plan for this period is being produced.

The main stages of marketing are:

  • Analysis/response
  • Medical
  • Publicity campaign (realization)
  • Campaign monitoring
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