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Yaroslav Industry

It's not worth saying advertising is a big thing! And our fountain convinced it when the help came from where we were not waiting.

Viktoria Vinogradov and Svetlana Newskaya, a project manager of the Proect commercial company (Jaroslav) came to our site (exceeding or not, we don't know). The question was: " What can we help? "

The company ' s philanthropy team developed a plan of action during the week, started work and has already provided an exclusive design of the company ' s home style for homeless and abandoned animals, and continues to work successfully on the design of the Zoozabota module for the exhibition from 14 to 16 November.

Most importantly and surprisingly, their partners and friends who are willing to make their heartfelt charitable contributions to the establishment and development of the shelter have also responded to the call of the Project.

Print of Media Groups, Yaroslavl, Broad-format, Yaroslav, Ul. Nerasov, D.24, Tel. 72-18-64, Director Victor Zakatov Company, Bondodarki, Souvenir Advertising, Yaroslavl, Volj Nab., vol. 49/1, tel. 72-99-05, Director Olga
Construction company Stroy Profi, Jaroslavl, Uglic, D.39, Tel. 58-52-89,
Director Igor Schenkov

Project personnel are confident that the hearts of people need to be knocked, and they will respond, and they will come to help!

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