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Value Of Advertising Company

Head of our hit-and-coup on the phone of the phrase, How much is the site? The second place is the question of the price of the advertising campaign, which usually takes two replies:

  • a specific amount;
  • The blank " Cost depends on the scope of your business, requests and... blah-blah-blah " .

The second option is, strangely, honestly, the price is actually calculated individually. Why is this happening? We'll find out.

Ear in the root

It's hard to name the value of the advertising campaign, like the cost of the site. It's not a sale of bread at a shop where a white bottle is worth 25 roubles, regardless of whether it's bought by the owner of a car or a student.

Price determination of any IT product is an analytical process. It can be seen in a variety of ways: for example, to see which car the client came to see, to capture the edge of the eyes of a brand on the jacket, to look for his watch, and then to take from the ceiling the amount that he should " pull " . This approach is applicable, but it's not working.

Efficient pricing is based on the study of the client ' s business and on the identification of the objectives that he wants to achieve through the creation of a website or advertising. Customer goals usually match, they want to increase profits. However, the scope of activity varied, so the final price of the product would be different.

And I have five reasons.

The value of the advertising campaign is projected on the basis of five main factors.

1. Theme

Context advertising gives good results when the product or service is known to users. If you don't know about the spherical cone in the vacuum, you won't be looking for it. Another extreme is to promote, through the context, goods of mass consumption that are easier to buy in a store.

Context doesn't work for all spheres of business is a fact.

2. Key requests

The clutches are divided into broad and narrow. Compare:

Plastic windows derivative to buy plastic windows derivatives to buy plastic windows from the manufacturer grad to buy plastic windows from the producer in Ijevska

Large queries can bring a large number of visitors, and they're doing great work if your goal is to increase the company's knowledge.

Sensitive (particularly commercial) queries are traditionally considered more conversion: people who have come to the site on such a request are more likely to act as you need, such as buying goods or making an application.

3. Regions of context advertising

The difference in the cost of clicks for Russia and the region may be two or more. The percentage of conversion will also depend on the advertising area.

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