Samara Productive Company

STAS production company is active in the market External and inter-referencing advertising Since 1996. During this period, the company declared itself as a reliable and dynamic marketing producer of the Middle Ages.

We propose the most appropriate and optimal solutions for the Custodians efficiency, technology, cost♪ In our work, we use only the most modern technologies and quality materials.

Our company ' s birthday on 2 April 1996, when a group of like-minded people working on the foreign advertising market for 3 years decided to name themselves. Production company STAS, by the first letter of the names of the founders. Initially, the company consisted of universal specialists who designed the design themselves and embodyed it themselves: manually slaughtered and glued the vinyl film, plastics, displayed signs.

To date, the STAS production company has structures that present different equivalencies: Design, design, production and installation of all types of external and inter-referencing advertising, processing of petrol stations and complexes, representative souvenir and decoration products, harmonization and registration of external advertising
STAS production company today is the largest manufacturing company in the Volga, with large technological and productive capacities.

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