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Razan Advertising Companies

In order to sell and sell their products, company owners are disposed of by the most unexpected advertisements, and this may often be at places or methods that are not accepted by advertising agencies. On the basis of its own, these shares go to the United States, because it's where most of the creatives are capable of creating unusual shows and pies. For example:

♪ In one state of the United States, a man travelled on a motorcycle with a burning helmet on his head, thus advertising hot dogs;

♪ In the city of New York, a man was in the elevator of a big shopping mall and ate 300 grand seals. How he explained later, so he wanted to show that the delicious ice cream could eat a lot.

Following the bold example of the U.S. Creatives, Russia in the city of Ryazani had an unusual action throughout the city. The company, inspired by the example of Rapunzel, where air flashlights were launched, also launched a total of 100 late balloons in six locations in the city. There were unusual prizes in every balloon. The prize was a coupon to get a laptop.

After raising the balls into the air, thousands of Kinul people will follow them, hoping for enrichment. But unfortunately, the base of their balls fell on the roof or burned in the air. In the end, only twenty lucky people got prizes. This stock shows that not only americas can play an interesting pyre show.

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