История рекламной компании «

Publicity History

Contemporary advertisements accompanying humankind for centuries have long failed to recognize the expression of one phenomenon, but have been dispersed.

Some of these forms may be considered to be the product of modern advertising. Exactly:

Screenings containing information on the location and results of the hunting may be considered as the point of reference of the current external advertising

A man ' s desire to stand up to one another in a variety of ways, with his or her appearance, can be described as an image.

And of course, the most common transmission of information is the oral transfer, for example, of who makes good skins or sews of clothes, a vivid example of the promotion of " from the mouth to the mouth " .

Obviously, as long as it's just a primitive ad. The further development of advertising is entirely dependent on the development of both society and productive forces, in particular.

It should be emphasized that it is the technological and scientific achievements of humankind, such as the invention of books, the discovery of electricity, radio, human space flights, computer revolution, etc., that are the basis for the dissemination of modern advertising.

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