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gusIn the course of their work, Gusaurov Groups often have to explain to clients the specificity of the operation of an Internet-based marketing tool. Context advertising is very popular among companies in a variety of fields: services or production. We've brought together the most common questions about the context advertising we've been asked by our clients, and we're bringing them to you.

  1. What's a context commercial?

Context advertisements are advertisements that are shown in response to a certain user request in the search system, as well as on thematic areas that are part of the advertising network. The announcements are shown in the search results according to certain key words that the user introduces. Our company is analysing the company ' s website and profile and is based on a wide range of key words. After that, the client selects the most relevant queries we use in advertising.

  1. What's the difference between contextual ads from moving the site?

Context advertising allows potential clients to be involved in the company ' s website in a short time. Increased site visits are monitored immediately after advertisements have been posted. A few months of work is needed to look for progress, sometimes more than six months. The payment model for the context advertising - Pay per click - the advertiser only pays for ads, not searches. In the search engine, the pay goes to the job of specialists.

  1. What is CTR? What does CTR affect?

The CTR indicator (Click Through Ratio) reflects the ratio of the number of clicks to the number of advertisements. For example, if the announcement was shown 1,000 times and 20 clicks were made, the CTR would be 2 per cent. CTR affects the value of the click: the higher the figure, the lower the value of the click.

  1. What is conversion?

The conversion rate shows what percentage of visitors to the site purchased. For example, the site was announced by 250 people, of whom 10 had ordered, the rate of conversion was 4 per cent.

  1. How do you figure out how the ad works?

Determine the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, we have to move away from the tasks that have been set. The most important thing is selling products or services. So efficiency should be linked to the key performance indicators of the company. For example, this may be the number of requests for goods/services that were received from clients who called the phone number indicated in the advertisement.

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