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Promotion Of Advertising

Training Manual
to the outcome of the interdisciplinary examination
training the Marquetologist.
Underneath. B.E. Lalanca.
Taganrog: TRU, 2006.


Promotion is any form of communication for information, beliefs, reminders of goods, services, public activities, ideas, etc.

Important functions of advancement:
- creation of prestige, low prices, innovations;
- Information on the goods, their quality and properties;
- Maintaining the popularity of goods;
change in the way the goods are used;
- Enthusiasm among marketing participants;
- the conviction of buyers to move to more expensive goods;
- Consumer responses;
- Making good business information.

Main advancements:

1. The advertisement is either linked to the use of the media - newspapers, magazines, radio, television and others (e.g. advertising boards) or direct treatment of the buyer through mail. Both types of advertisements are paid by an advertiser, but are considered to be indifferent, as the firm treats multiple recipients at the same time, may be millions rather than talking to one individual or small group.

2. Pablisity is a non-responsive approach to a mass audience, for which, unlike advertising, the company does not pay for the message. Pablisity is usually a news report or an editor's comment on company products or services. The Marquetologists have gradually concluded that it is advisable to use a wider range of means of communication with the public (plains) than pablisitis. Therefore, the communications complex became part of the relays, and the pablisity was included.

3. Promotion of marketing - includes all marketing activities aimed at stimulating the actions of the buyer, in other words, which can stimulate the immediate sale of the produce. Compared with the promotion of marketing, advertising and publicity are intended to achieve other objectives, in this case, such as bringing to the consumer information about the new stamp and influencing consumer attitudes towards it.

4. Personal sales - This is personal communication, during which the seller attempts to convince potential buyers of the need to purchase company products or services.

The integration of these elements of advancement is called a development package.

Main objectives of promotion: the formation and promotion of short- and long-term demand and the improvement of the image of the enterprise. The specific moves depend on the so-called impact hierarchy (table 13.1).

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