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Housemarks - The common type of street information we meet every day. It helps guide the urban environment at any time of the day. House numbers, street names, access numbers - all this targeted navigation is necessary in every locality. And in the big city, and in the deafest village, you'll see the house number and the street name.

Street view navigation is so common that you don't even think about different species and sizes. There are, however, differences, and below you can see in greater detail all the options for implementing this information design.

House signs are also referred to as light signs and their manufacture is one of the main areas of our production. The light indicator on the method of manufacture is a light box with lighting of fluorescent lamps or lights. We produce street light signals according to the requirements and the GOST approved for Mr. Krasnodar. The thickness of street light indicators varies from 10 to 13 cm.

Apart from the usual light signals with the house number and the name of the street, our company produces similar ultra-ton light signals. The thickness of such design shall not exceed 2 cm, the illumination shall be carried out by a lighting line. We produce housemarks (households, street names) of any size and colours as the client wishes.

Housemarks with house numbers and street names, which are displayed by seculars, are ideally suitable for both large cities and small urban settlements, as they meet all requirements of energy conservation.

We recommend our novel.

It's the perfect replacement of obsolete building numbering standards.

Small light house sign Slim 20 mmhaving an exclusive appearance, bright lighting and low energy consumption.

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