Рекламная акция компании

Probation Company

Regional cellular operators have increasingly announced their ambitions for the development of neighbouring territories and apologize to the competitors. The policy, which was largely uncharacteristic for local companies before this year, has now become a day-to-day policy, and the apogee has arrived in the summer of 2015.

On the other day, the Bicaterinburg operator, working mainly with the target audience of " students " and " pensioners " , launched an unexpected advertising company, which, of course, could not be called aggressively, but which draws attention to itself, could be accurate. Judging by yourself, it says on orange panels with yellow: "Orange is the new yellow. Forgive us, competitors ... "

As the Portal Correspondent of the Country has become aware, the operator originally planned a different pattern. advertising company And apparently not even one. But when the new operator came to Ural, Tele2, he had to change his plans quickly and introduce something new. And they did! For about a week, an outdoor ad for pestrite is bright banners and shields. According to our sources, on 15 August the operator intends to release a new product. What? For now. But in the company, they say, pray, talking about the motive being federal is just rumors.

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