Необычные рекламные компании

Non-Regular Advertising Companies

- The famous advertising, marketing and PR portal has traditionally taken stock of the end of 2014 by voting for the best advertisement. Such advertising campaigns have always attracted audience attention. And if they don't boost sales, they certainly increase brand recognition. Such advertisements work as viral ads, spreading through social media and sarafan radio.

The voting took place in two phases: the first readers selected the publicity campaigns they liked, and the second panel of experts already identified the winner.

We have chosen the most prominent and memorable examples to show how creative and thus effective your ads can be.

  1. Tide wash powder. What is the " white secret "?

Procter ShipGamble, together with BBDO Moscow, organized and conducted an unusual advertising campaign for washing under Tide. The Moscow Socolnik Park was installed billboard (real shield) Full white with a small Tide logo in the corner. All those wishing were requested to digest the surface of the shield by using colouring balls.sostav3 This kind of entertainment has attracted the attention of children who would love to decorate the billboard. As he became colorful, he started to draw the contour of a white shirt, a purified Tide powder.

  1. Euronics. Feel the 50 percent discount!

The residents of Ekaterinburg, who woke up in the winter morning, were very surprised by the surprise gift that their cars were purified by the snow... half, and there was an ad leaf. It turns out that the Cosmos advertising agency was very reluctant to alert the city to discounts at the Euronics electronics store. As part of the advertising campaign " Feel 50 per cent discount " , 300 cars were halved from snow to show how much these 50 per cent can make life easier.

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