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How does Keysa work

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1. You collect requests for an advertising campaign in any convenient way and load them into Keyes.

2. Take out all the trash in minutes with a tool to break into unique words.

3. Distribute the remaining queries on white cases, e.g. from sections on your website

4. Fill all fields for Derek and AdWords in white cases, add a few options for AB testing.

5. You're uploading data and pumping them into the Yandex and Google account!

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Video Instruction

  • Rapid announcements

    Thanks to our unique technology, you can make an ad campaign for thousands of announcements in minutes. And by means of an instrument of unique words, the cleaning of unnecessary requests is transformed from the rutina to light clearance!

  • Mass test

    Should the AB perform the test with dozens of different options for all announcements immediately? C is not a problem! Just add the version of the announcement, the title or the image, and evaluate its effectiveness at once throughout the group of requests.

  • Grouping of requests

    There is no need to spend tens of hours on distributing thousands of key words across groups. Breaking into a unique word will make it possible to quickly sort things out and clear the semantic nucleus from unnecessary requests.

  • Automatic stop

    In handling requests, the system automatically generates a minusword based on your actions with a list of unique requests, so on the way out, you'll get a ready publicity campaign with as clean as possible.

  • Storage of all projects
    one place

    You've always got original advertising options under your hand, with the possibility of rapid reorientation from the Yandex. Google AdWords and vice versa. Now you can draw up a copy of the RC, without touching it for a second!

  • High CTR

    The system enables an AB-testing declaration to be made on a case-by-case basis. You can get the best results of the CTR. According to statistics, advertising campaigns produced through the CTR receive about 10%!

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