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Marketing Of Advertising Companies

Топ-10 самых провальных рекламных кампаний в истории маркетингаThe rally is a terrible, unfortunate publicity campaign that we're bringing down below shows that even serious corporations sometimes go on the grabs that the experienced replicators would have to foresee. At the end of each paragraph, we bring a " marble " : what mistakes must be feared to avoid being questioned.

1. Nike, Write the Future

The advertisement for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa was talented and bright. In addition, the world stars of this sport, Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Didier Drogba... And he looked at the audience first, but the more days he went from the start of the championship, the more screaming. It's strange, what happened is not just the authors of the ad, but also their main heroes.Топ-10 самых провальных рекламных кампаний в истории маркетинга The story was built around the " butterfly effect " : the bold act of each football hero radically altered the outcome of the game. The only problem is that football players who were portrayed as heroes in real matches, as they did, showed themselves off the top of the field were passive, and their heads were running low. One of them, half-protected by the Brazilian prefabricated Ronaldiño, and never went to the championship. The fact that the teams of those countries that had been identified as losers (Spain and the Netherlands) had actually occupied the first and second seats had finally deteriorated the reaction to the role.

Топ-10 самых провальных рекламных кампаний в истории маркетингаFantasia is a good thing, but it's better if the advertisers don't predict the events.

2. Sony PSP, Black vs. White

The non-political campaign has managed to cause dissatisfaction at two races. The Technology Corporation has decided to change the color of its famous Sony PSP player. The original color of the delivery was black, but the designers of the firm thought it was necessary to release the model in white. Creative advertisers There's nothing better to imagine competition between two colour variations in the form of a series of Europeople and non-groide races. It may have seemed inspiring sometimes - for example, hidden eroticism was present at a poster where the blonde is not too short for a chin of African Americans. But the consumer didn't appreciate the idea. Evil languages have spoken that the idea of advertising was born in the company ' s head office, in Japan, where the percentage of white and black is negligible, and their delicate feelings to the host country of the rising sun are very unclear.

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