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A fall-time Dolce Gabbana promotion campaign involving Claudia Shiffer and Bianki Balti star models.

24 June

Look at all three photos.

Domenico Dolce and Stephano Gabbana (Domenico Dolce Stefano Gabbana) from season to season, have been engaged in their publicity campaigns by famous actresses and models - so, it's not the same as Dolce Gabbana collections. Monica Belloucci and Bianca Balti

But the new campaign was an exception: the place of the rock brunette of Belducci took another muse of designer duet, now blond. Claudia Schiffer - new face 2014/2015 autumn winter collection

Now, Balthie's still one of the main heroes in the Italian fashion house, and she's gone down for the future season with Shiffer.

The new photo session was filmed by Domenico Dolce himself, often as a photographer.

Look at all six photos.
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