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Example Of An Advertising Company

I would like to recall that, in order to be able to analyse contextual advertising, it is necessary to establish a statistical system on the site and set objectives. The goals are needed to see the effectiveness of each campaign. Instructions for the installation of statistical systems on the website and the setting of targets can be found here.

Clarity of announcements and keywords

First step in your work contextual advertising The campaign will work on data from the Yandex account. Director. Authorizing in the system, moving into an interesting advertising campaign and checking the CTR on keywords. The CTR is the climaticity of the announcements, namely the attitude of the clips to the announcement to all views of the announcement. In the example below, we see evidence, clips and CTRs for the last 28 days for four keywords.

One keyword has a very low CTR (1,83 per cent) compared with other key words. Typically, less than 3 per cent of CTRs are considered low, but many nuances need to be taken into account in the evaluation. The reasons for the low CTR may be several:

1. The key word contains non-target requests, that is, you either added a very general key word (and it needs to be broken down) or you just need to delete requests that are not appropriate for your business (to add a minus word). In order to avoid untargeted requests, press the key word, then put it on the "Stepend" button, and give the box all unnecessary words. When you mark the word, press the button of Oc.

2. The announcement does not correspond to the request or does not attract users. If the word is added and the CTR is still low, the announcement for the request should be changed. The example of four keywords shows one announcement and only one of them has a low CTR. In this case, the key word from the group could be simply put forward and added to another ad group or a separate announcement that would be most relevant to the request.

It is in this way that all advertising campaigns that have been active so far need to be verified. Work needs to be done periodically: for campaigns once a week, and for others, it will be sufficient once a month.

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