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The ad has been a part of our lives for a long time. We're used to seeing her everywhere: we're surrounded by aggressive advertising online, streets, television, etc. It is the excessive number of billboards, banners, various aphis and skates that make the work of creative agencies not only fascinating, but also very difficult, because it is not easy to make the bicycle again and again. Partisan advertising is a great way to get out of the crowd, and strange surrealistic images found on the path of ordinary people are almost never unnoticed.

We hope that the next 20 examples of guerrilla marketing will taste you good.

1. Superette

Mooda's got people's heads all over the place. Today, at any time of year, you can meet women or men dressed in dizzy short shorts. A creative agency DDB (Okland, New Zealand) has developed unmarked commercial announcements for the sale of short short shorts in the fashion shops Superette. A good marketing message couldn't stay unnoticed. The announcement was printed on thighs and other things as soon as they landed on the brands. These are kinds of aggressive advertising.

2. Spider-man 2

The Spider-man 2 guerrilla marketing campaign will certainly make anyone laugh. But whatever wilderness was the idea (specially assigned to the men's room for Stan Lee's comic superhero), the creative directors still achieved the desired effect - any person who drew attention to the non-core writer wants it or not, and he'll think about the Spider Man.

3. Folgers Coffee

This impressive campaign was developed by the Saatchi International Advertising Agency for the largest Folgers Coffee, one of the most prominent American brands. Stickers showing the upper part of the cup filled with coffee were placed on the lids of sewer hats. So, when the sewer came up with couples, it seemed like he was coming from freshly cooked coffee.

5. National Geographic 6. Day after tomorrow 7. Smart («Поместится везде»)
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