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Welcome to the website. ZENON - ESATERINBURG regional branch of the company "ZENO" - The Advertisements. - Russian leader in the production and supply of materials, equipment and technologies for advertising. Here, you will be able to look at all the areas of the firm ' s activity, obtain comprehensive information on the structure of the products and prices delivered, learn about the novels in the advertising market, and be aware of the current commercial activity of our company.

Tonight's in focus.

Respectful clients!

A novel in the family of polymers of ZENON.
Enlargement is a transparent general-purpose GPPS NOVATTRO.
General-purpose polymers is a material that can be used where cheaper transparent polymers are required. Limits are much cheaper and easier by mass than monolithic polycarbonate and acrylic glass.

Novinka! HENKEL clay! In fact, superstition!

Zenon's company is in a hurry to inform you of a new cyanoacrylate glue from Henkel!

Henkel SICOMET 100, single-component, cyanoacrylate and
Henkel SICOMET 102, single-component, cyanoacrylate, gelacetical!

Go ahead and get the leader's constant quality at a more than affordable price!

Caravans of cargo

Here, you can find all the supplies to ZENON's warehouses in the last week of your chosen city. We specifically named these proceeds as Caravans of Goods because our continued supply of equipment and materials for advertising from foreign and Russian suppliers, as well as our own production, and moving regularly across our country through all its latitudes, and look like real caravans.

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