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The company advertising department may exist as a separate entity, or may be part of marketing. In any case, as we have said on several occasions, advertising cannot be seen in isolation from the marketing of the enterprise. Today, most commercial entities have an advertising department. Even in a small business, there's a department like this, although there's only one person in the state. The main task of the Advertising Division is to provide advice on the rationale and conduct of company advertising.

It is worth saying that in some companies the advertising divisions and the Relays Division (P/s) are connected together. This connection is not always justified, it depends on the scope of the company, its value, its business objectives. In one situation, the company prefers all advertising to override the advertising agency, and the company ' s employees only control the agency ' s interaction. At the same time, relays work remains for the company's staff. In another case, the company may be engaged on its own, and the PR consultants may be invited from the outside. The larger the firm and the higher the need for advertising, the more it resorts to advertising agencies. At the same time, the need for frequent and intensive PR activities leads to the establishment of special public relations offices within the company.

The purpose of the Enterprise Advertising Unit is to develop recommendations on the rationale and conduct of the publicity of the enterprise. The main tasks of the advertising department are:

(1) The development of a strategic and tactical advertising plan, its financial and economic rationale and, following the approval of the company ' s management, the organization of its implementation;

(2) Engage with other participants in the advertising process - research companies, advertising agencies and advertising channels.

Clearly, the advertising plan should be aligned with the company marketing plan and be an integral part of it. Promotional activities include participation in the identification and selection of products (products/services) most in need of publicity from the perspective of the enterprise ' s needs, capabilities and resources, assessment of the competitive environment and market conditions. Advertising officers are involved in identifying the marketing features of selected products. ♪ ♪

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