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Company Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks around the world. Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, and nine years later, its audience was over a billion users. Facebook is a prerequisite for moving the company in the runway.

There are five main types of progress in Facebook.

♪ Standard Facebook commercial.

This advertisement is displayed on the right of the news tape and user profile. It is specific information from the advertiser and does not include any components of social interaction. It's the simplest type of move. The advertisement allows for the transfer of banner users to home pages or external resources.

♪ Advertising news.

This type of publication is content (news, reviews, articles) that moves on a fee-based basis through user news tapes. A simple example of this progress that every user of the social network has experienced. A specific corporate group is on Facebook. The publication of " likaut " and " retrieve " by popular users with a large number of subscribers. As a result, this information appears on the news tapes of thousands of users. They will know the existence of a group, sign it or press the button of I like. Outcome - publication is distributed online as a snowcomer. This is particularly effective because of the fact that the brand is available to users who have not previously encountered it. Important: The more authoritative the bloger and the more interesting publication, the more visible the audience of the brand or product.

♪ Advertising publications.

The Facebook report significantly increases the brand ' s awareness and fosters a positive attitude towards the company. Advertising publications are well suited to promote an acquisition, activities, events, announcements or images.

♪ Advertised applications.

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