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What are the target audience parameters for choosing Facebook?


Localization through towns.

Age and sex

We must not forget that it is first necessary to determine the audience as widely as possible and only after this is to be segmented by micro-groups. Steps between age groups - 3 years (25-28, 28-31, etc.).


It's better to leave this field empty or to indicate many languages.

Marital status

Completing the field makes sense in two cases - you sell niche products that are focused on family tasks and problems (pumpers, etc.) or promote goods and services that are often decided by the wife, and you buy a husband (a typical case - home repair).

Educational establishment, specialization, years of graduation, level of education

We also leave these fields to deal with niche products, especially because these data leave little to go. It's useful to fill these fields if you know that your B2B buyer has been a specialist in this field since a certain year. There is another secret: the higher the level of education, the lower the number of refusals on the website. Thus, by selecting the preferred levels of education, you will be able to improve the quality of the incoming traffic and the user ' s time on the website.

Places of work

This is one of the main tools of the Celtic Consumer Business Model. If we're doing an ad on the basis of a unique trade. ♪ ♪

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