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Characteristic Of The Advertising Company

The trend of recent years is ROI and a tight optimization for profit. Today, advertisers, using digital relay tools, develop personalized communication with users at all stages of the procurement decision. The accurate and personalized packaging is always associated with a large amount of data. They need to be analysed to influence the main features of the promotional campaign. The most needed is who can find the most effective optimization techniques.

We'll see the media campaign and we'll figure out some real examples of good optimization techniques.

In 2014, we started to provide media promotion services to the motor oil manufacturer, TOTAL, who is part of the five largest companies in the industry.

The challenge before us was to increase the knowledge of the brand among auto-owners and to improve the quality of the audience on the site. What step, after planning the advertising campaign, does the agency have to do?

Before you start work on any advertising campaign, you need to develop an evaluation system to measure success.

The planned metrics of one of the Flights for the ToTAL promotion campaign are as follows:

The coverage of the target audience was important for us to cover the owners of the used cars because they were the ones who decided to choose the engine oil.

Time and number of pages - a mechanic that allows an assessment of the quality of the coming audience. A plan of quality of the audience is based on historical values on the client ' s website.

Increased organic and direct traffic is a quality audience converted not only here and now, but stays with the brand and advises its environment. That is why we assessed the growth rate of organic and direct audiences on the Total site.

But what will be on the Internet as the main metric for success of the campaign if you can't buy oil on the website? What can be an intermediate target, pre-supplied? The main objective of the campaign is to convert into clips under " website oils " . Motor oil selection is an integral part of the choice of produce in this category, since audiences often lack knowledge of suitable motor oil stamps for their car.

We split the advertising campaign into two blocks. These are individual creatives and extended analysts.

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