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Business Plan For The Advertising Company


The purpose of the project is to establish an artisian water extraction and butilization facility. The viability of the project is due to the growing popularity of the product, both in office and household use.

Location of production - x. Puhlakovsky, Rostov region. Marketing region - Rostov-na-Donu and Rostov region. Price segment - Standart+. The production space is to be leased and delivered on its own. Distrust is carried out through a network of stores. The trade mark " Vodo-Puh " and the trademark are recorded.

The project is attractive for investment, as evidenced by financial calculations and the integrated performance indicators (Table 1).

Table 1. Integrated performance indicators


The company is engaged in the production and distribution of Artesian water in 19 litre bottles. The main consumers of the product are organizations of any sphere of activity or size; the use of bottled water for household needs in our country is small, but is increasingly popular. Today, according to various data, in Russia, the consumption of bottled water per person is about 40 litres per month; in Europe it is between 100 and 150 litres. Thus, there is full confidence in the considerable potential of industry growth. It should also be borne in mind that Russia and, in particular, the Rostov region have large stocks of fresh water, which has a positive impact on the cost of the final product.

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