Бизнес-план автоцентра

Business Announcement Plan

A clear and specific business plan for the advertising agency we offer to explore those people who want to build a competitive, modern case. It is the advertising agency that produces advertising without which it is now impossible to imagine selling goods and services. Advertising can be different: print and external, offline and virtual, but always bright, creative, rememberable.

The ready-made example presented is a document that is well-realized in its own calculations. At the same time, you should be able to identify the services you will offer. Perhaps the " rate " will be made for external advertising, advertising boards, banners, plants. Maybe the agency will propose the creation of internet advertising blocks, the writing of " selling " letters.

Examining information on the establishment advertising companyYou can get in on it. The first thing you need to think about is the office and the specialists who will work at the agency. Because, on a large scale, it's up to them how complete and accurately you can meet clients' demands. If desired, the advertising agency can be merged with a mini-print so that the range of services is even more complete.

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