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Moscow. March 9th. Tincloff Bank is planning to support the tennis player Maria Sharapov, who was in the middle of a doping scandal.

"It is early to talk about specific details, but we look at different formats: in particular, we're considering involving Maria in the Bank's Tinykoff commercial campaign, which is on television at this point. For information, a few years ago, we've been negotiating with Agent Maria on cooperation, and we've got a report from the press service of the Bank of the Mosquiwa radio station.

On the eve, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Oleg Tinkov Bank made statements of support to Sharapova.

"One of my favorite female athletes received such a terrible gift on 8 March. Poor Masha. It affects the hypocrisy of Western brands: without further reflection, but fearing the assessments of their corporate bosses and shareholders, they immediately dissolve the contracts! Masha, we're ready to support. We don't leave our own "- wrote Tinkov on our Facebook page.

On 7 March, Sharapova, at a press conference in Los Angeles (USA), said that her doping test had detected a banned drug, Mildronate. The sample was taken in January at the Australian Open Championship. Sportsman took all the blame for taking a banned drug.

Nike companiesPorsche and TAG Heuer have already announced that they will suspend their advertising contracts with M. Sharapova. Porsche cancelled all sportsman activities until the end of the investigation. Other firms, including Avon, American Express and Head, are likely to do the same.

The Mildronat has been on the proscribed list since 1 January 2016, for its use, athletes may be suspended for four years. According to Sharapova, she's been taking this medicine for years and she didn't know about his ban.

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