Система арок в монастырском

Association Of Advertising Companies

(ACAR) is the leading and largest professional association of participants in the Russian market for advertising and marketing.

The organization was founded in 1993. The original name of the organization was the Russian Association of Advertising Agencies (RAA) and was created to protect the interests of advertising agencies. In the future, the organization ' s activities have expanded to include related activities and are aimed at protecting the interests of the entire advertising community, as well as creating conditions for the development of a civilized advertising market in Russia: corporate ethics, social responsibility, industry standards and business rules. As a result of this development, the active members of RRAA unanimously voted in favour of renameing the organization. ♪

The Association brings together more than 200 participants in the Russian Federation commercial communications market. Among them are Advance Group, Allen-Media, Gallery, Gazprom-Media, IMA-press, StarLink and many others.

AKAR is developing sectoral industrial and ethical standards that have a significant impact on the behaviour of market participants and are aimed at creating a civilized advertising market in Russia.

In 2008, a first package of documents representing model services, model pay schemes and remuneration forms was prepared. In 2011, with the support of an international marketing association, POPAI standards were issued. In 2012, the industry and FAS were provided with model tender modalities: Media, Creative, BTL.

In 2015, the Federal Antimonopoly Service launched a laboratory designed to check the sound in advertising to meet the requirements of the amendments to the advertising law that came into force on 25 May 2015. The development of the complex was carried out with the assistance of AKAR participants and with the participation of associations.

AKAR has a number of specialized committees and commissions, namely,

  • Committee of Electronic Media Sales Agencies
  • Creative and digital agency committee
  • Media Agency Committee
  • Committee external advertising press
  • Industry Committee
  • Marketing Agency Committee
  • GR Commission
  • External Communications Commission
  • Industrialization Standards Commission
  • HR and Vocational Education Commission
  • Business Social Responsibility Commission
  • Festival and Competition Commission
  • Commission of Experts
  • New Business Development Directors Section
  • Lawyers Section
  • Non-International Holdings Section
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