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Advertising Company Success

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What if the words are competing at the Yandex Direkt commercial company?
1. Gathered a semantic for a commercial company.
2. Researched different levels of words (read my earlier publications on " Contribution " ).
3. There was a large semantic cloud with large frequency variations.
Let's say 1,000 key words or more. To remove crossings in key words (who in the subject, who understands what I mean) you used a service like that and, as a result, you deleted the keywords. However, the majority of the keywords processed could include such requests as " winter shoes for boys " and " snow shoes " .
Will such words be made by competitors in the advertising company? Yeah. They need to be found and removed.
The Key Collector programme can be used in this situation:
All key words need to be downloaded into the Key Collector project.
So, first, you're letting the team find unmarked duplicates, which means that such phrases as " winter footwear for boys " and " boys in winter shoes " will be found, in independence of the total number of key words, if at least 50,000, all will be made by one click. When the unmarked duplicates are found, you can see them visually. Key Collector is generally well suited to this task, so you can boldly remove all keywords identified.
What happens if you don't remove the competing words? Of course they'll start competing with each other. Such words would thus have one for two to three general CTRs and would generally be lower. This directly hits the company ' s general CTR, so Yandex classifies the advertising company as less successful with all the consequences.
I understand that you want to feel it and understand how big a problem it is. I can tell you, in practice, you may not notice the impact of this failure.
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