Проект рекламной компании для

Advertising Company Project

Development of an advertising campaign - it's a whole science with a large share of art.

For an enterprise that only starts its way in business, it is important to make a good publicity campaign, the main objective of which is to reach its client with optimal initial investment.

What commercial?

These are vital issues for young companies. We understand that, so the Bash-start Project has developed a special proposal for start-up entrepreneurs, Start Marketing.

The Start Marketing includes:

  1. Evaluation of your company ' s data (proposed product, target audience, development prospects, competitive supply).
  2. Development of an advertising plan Based on your budget.
  3. It's like a publicity campaign.
  4. It's a stunning and reclusing.
  5. The CMI ads, the old ad.
  6. Monitoring the placement and approval of advertising and, as well as representing your company ' s interests in the media, negotiating with advertising agencies.

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