Advertising Company A4

Your participation in the events organized by the Spicestal Association is in itself an advertisement of your company to potential clients and business partners. However, in order to focus the attention of the specialized audience on the products and services of your company, we suggest that you take advantage of the additional promotional opportunities offered to the participating companies.

1.Presentation - Presentation (20-25 minutes) in the morning82800
2.Presentation - Presentation (20-25 minutes) in the afternoon72500
3.Disclosure of company advertisements (catalog, pryce) in the event package (provided to each participant)69500
4.Company code (format A4) + colour advertisement of format A4 in the activity catalogue (distributed to each participant)66400
5.Coloured promotion of format A4 in the activity catalogue (provided to each participant)57850
6.The company ' s personal information desk at the conference hall for catalogs, players and promotional materials46200
7.Catalogues, practicers and promotional materials posted on the organizing desk30400
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