Реклама на радио

Radio Advertising

More and more advertisers now opt for accurate advertising at regional radio stations, despite certain inconveniences associated with a more complex organization of control and documentation than with a “national” location. This is primarily due to the fact that " local " accommodation has a number of undeniable advantages.

Pro et contra

Traditionally, advertising can be " national " , i.e. all regions covered by a particular station or " local " in each region separately. For a long time, the key shortage of national accommodation was the relocation of advertising by hour, with the exit of the national slot at 10 a.m. in Moscow and 13 hours respectively in Novosibirsk. National campaigns have traditionally been limited to 13 to 14 hours in time for " fighting " with the infiniteness of Russian territory.

However, in 2013, radio came not only with growing incomes but also with a new approach to radio broadcasting. As early as September 2011, the Prof-Media Broadcasting Corporation (WCRMM) moved its Aperadio station to orbital broadcasting, which is a separate broadcast on Russia ' s hourly belts. Thus, the same advertisement in Moscow at 10 a.m. will be broadcast in other cities at 10 a.m. at their local time.

In the spring of 2012, WCPM transferred another radio station, Yumor FM, to the new system. In the summer, another major holding, the European Media Group (EMG), started testing Europa Plus and Retro FM. advertisements Orbits. The largest Video International Holding station, the Russian Radio, also broadcasts orbits.

While the main advantage of national accommodation was traditionally considered to be more cost-effective than localized to cover a large number of cities. More specifically, a large number of cities, including Moscow. Again, the traditional mantra of many agencies - the campaign on the Moscow radio on the budget is comparable to the national. This is not entirely true: for large stations, the Moscow Price is about 50 per cent of the national. At lower-geography niche stations, this figure rises to 75%. However, even with 50 per cent of Moscow ' s share of the national budget, it is clear that the cost of radio contact in the capital is much higher than the national average.

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