Реклама в вагонах метро

Intermediate Advertising

23.jpgWe are well aware of all forms of advertising, and we can safely state that metro advertising is one of the most efficient, simple and accessible ways to declare itself, its goods and services.

Specialist of advertising in Moscow Metropolitan

Today, the Moscow Metropolitan is one of the most popular modes of cafeteria transport, confidently leading passenger traffic. According to the traditional annual study carried out in May-June 2014 by TNS GallupMedia, an average of 71 per cent of the adult population of the capital (about 7, 29 million people) in the month of the month, on average, 53 per cent of the Moscow population (5, 39 million persons) per day.

The advertisers have 195 stations and 4,5,000 wagons, where information about their company, product or service can be posted with several units advertising Stickers, travellers, escalators and lobby shields, etc. All advertisements are located at high-profile points and therefore remain unnoticed by underground passengers. We must not forget the sound advertisement: the clips sound at the peak hours and, as the statistics show, they also provide a good response.

The Moscow Mid-Statistician spends every day in the subway between an hour and three, and almost all this time, the person is in direct contact with the ad. In the enclosed space, people have to entertain themselves, so standing on the porch or on the train wagon, they often see the advertisement, read the messages, and, as a result, remember the brand or the name of the product.

An important feature of the metropolitan is that people of different ages and social status enjoy them, so advertising in the Moscow subway, as well as in other major cities, reach a wide audience of potential buyers. These are schoolchildren, students, middle-aged people with different levels of income, including those who are funded. So it's in the subway with the maximum probability you'll meet your potential client.

The World of Advertising offers all types of advertising:

  • Steakers in subway wagons;
  • Escalator panels;
  • Shields in lobbys and signs in transitions;
  • Video screens in the centre of the metro station;
  • Metro station travel announcements;
  • Switches;
  • Stickers on tournaments in stations;
  • Stickers on station doors;
  • Stickers on inlet deversaries;
  • Branding of wagons;
  • Roller displays on newspaper machines in the lobby;
  • External advertising and information indicators (NRIU) at the entrances to Metro;
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