оштрафовали за незаконное

Illegal Advertising

Незаконное размещение рекламыAccording to our country ' s current legislation, external advertising should be made exclusively through permits provided by the executive authorities of rural, settlement and urban councils. The Law on Advertising, under the term " Outdoor advertising " , refers to the advertisement that is fixed on temporary and fixed structures. They may be located both in the open area and in the outer surfaces of the houses and various structures, as well as on elements of street equipment, including over roads. What does our country entail illegal advertising?

Basis for liability

The installation of any external advertising facility should be accompanied by a special permit. It gives rise to the start of work on the installation of means to report the advertisement to the user.

The advertising area is subject to separate legislative provisions established in this regard. They contain a number of requirements for the placement of such advertisements, and indicate how much the offender is in danger of being persecuted. Illegal advertising a fine, what liability.

A list of these requirements can be found in the Law on Advertising, the Model Regulations on Advertising and Local Arrangements for Offward Advertising.

Let's analyze this...

Having analysed the existing legal provisions on external advertising, it can be concluded that it is actively distributed in the form of leaflets, posters or other forms that are widely distributed on poles or building blocks, a violation of legal order. In short, this is the illegal placement of external advertising, for which the penalty is prescribed by the Publicity Act.

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