Размещение рекламы в Google

Google Advertising

Today, the Moscow Office of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) in Moscow has found Google guilty of violating the law on advertising. As a result, companies were fined -- the Mail.ru GS is obliged to pay 100,000 roubles, while GO Google 150,000, as reported by FAS in an official communication.

The reason for the fine was to advertise the GS " Rscredit " to offer consumer funds. The advertisements were disseminated through Google AdWords and myTarget advertising networks, for which Google and, according to the Antimonopoly Service, it is the companies that should be responsible for modifying advertisements.

In the case of Ruscredit, the company ' s contribution services were actually advertised, which did not have bank licences.

" The Google and the Mail.ru GS, with a real opportunity to monitor the content of the advertisements, did not take sufficient measures to prevent violations of the advertising law " , emphasized the Deputy Head of Moscow FAS, Irina Gudkov.

Under article 7, paragraph 7, " Advertising " , in the absence of authorizations and licences from an advertiser for the provision of services or the sale of goods, advertisements of such items are prohibited. In turn, such authorizations should be checked at the service level advertising Internet or other sources.

Recently, FAS has already fined Google and other companies for violating the advertising law, then the company has advertised abortion services and gambling. Despite the relatively small amounts of fines, such court decisions create a presumption that may subsequently decide on new cases for similar topics.

Recently, there has been an increasing emphasis on the control and taxation of domestic and foreign IT companies. For example, the possibility of amending the law with the " Google tax " , if accepted by the Government, is being actively discussed, the digital content will have to pay for VAT, which will increase the price of any services on the network.

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