Advertising Company

OAO ' s official advertising operator, Ijavia (Ijevsk Airport) is the AV-Grupp company.

The AV Group offers a wide range of promotional services: from the planning of advertising companies, the posting of Ijavia in the Official Air Log and the posting of promotional materials on the Izevsk airport.

Advertising in the print media is an advertisement in the official Ijavia on-board magazine, which has exclusive right to be located on all Ijavia flights.

The airport advertisements are one of the most dynamic promotional areas in the area of advertising, which offers great opportunities for successful business promotion.

AV-Grupp offers a wide range of formats of advertisers: lightbox, light boxes, banners, advertisements, etc., and ensures the development of a bright exclusive design that will fully demonstrate the company ' s benefits.

AV-Grupp GS, Izevsk, Kyrov, D. 8g

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