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Techniques: What are the questions to ask the client?

The question always presupposes a response, and if there is a answer, there's a dialogue. What's sales if it's not dialogue? Having mastered technical questions, you will learn to conduct effective negotiations, manage the conversation, and most importantly, you will be a pleasant interviewer.

5 advantages of technical expertise

(1) The question turns attention to the client by making him the main hero. The correct questions asked make it possible to understand the true needs of the client.

(2) The question is a manifestation of respect for your interlocutor.

(3) The question avoids disputes: by asking a question, you can always hear the interviewee ' s opinion in advance and avoid awkward situation.

(4) The issue helps to move immediately from overreaction to constructive dialogue, bringing you closer to a transaction.

(5) The question is capable of encouraging the client to make the decision you need.

Negotiation issues

In order to contact the client, use the issues that open the negotiations. A well-designed question enlightens interest and engages the interviewer in dialogue.

(1) If I told you that I have a solution that would allow you to optimize the advertising budget, would you be interested?

(2) I have three options for you how to increase your sales by 30%. Can you let me know more about them?

Opening issues

In order to obtain information about the client, his business and needs, use open opening questions. Open questions are different from those closed because it is difficult to answer one-sided “yes” or “no”. These are the issues that allow your client to disclose and speak, first of all, to acquire the technology of these questions.

The key rule of the questioning is to listen to the interviewee ' s reply before the end, otherwise the question seems simple and the dialogue takes the form of questioning.

(1) You said your company now owns 50 per cent of the building materials market. How did you win half the market?

(2) What expectations do you have for the advertising campaign? Which clients will be targeted for Advertising project?

Reaffirming issues

Confirmary issues are needed to create mutual understanding with the client. Such issues help to find common ground, and unity of opinion allows for successful negotiations.

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